2003 Avanti Sport Coupe

Front Right 2003 Avanti Sport Coupe Car Picture

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In 1960, the Avanti car was created in the mind of Sherwood Egbert, the new President of Studebaker-Packard, who took his idea to Robert Loewy, a noted designer for Studebaker. Egbert felt that Studebaker needed a new racy model to instill some interest in the Studebaker brand again.

Later in 2001, Michael Kelly who had owned Avanti in the mid-80's, purchased the business again and brought out a new version of the Avanti as seen in the picture above. At this stage, the 2003 Avanti used the platform of the Pontiac Firebird and used a V-6 Roush racing engine. Each new version of the Avanti seemed to be an improvement over the last, at least in terms of style design and safety.

In 2007, the last Avanti was manufactured in Mexico. At that time, Kelly was arrested for being involved in some type of ponzi scheme unrelated to the Avanti business.

The Avanti was made by a group of skilled individuals who manufactured only 150 of these cars a year. The car was considered by many workers as being the work of love.

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