1916 Studebaker Model ED-6 Touring Car

Front Right Blue 1916 Studebaker Touring Car Picture

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Studebaker had first produced electric cars back in 1902. The company had been making horse-drawn carriages for over 25 years and had the creative skills and technology to switch over to manufacturing the horseless vehicles. There were problems with these automobiles that are still faced by the auto makers of today. First, the total distance one could travel was limited as the batteries would wear down and, secondly, there were times when an electric charger wasn't available so you would call upon someone with a horse or a team of horses to tow the vehicle to a place where the batteries could be charged.

In 1904, the company switched to making gasoline powered models in addition to their electric powered units. It was easy to carry some gasoline with you just in case your fuel tank went dry and the gasoline models drove faster than the electric powered autos. When the 1916 Studebaker Touring car came out, there had been a gradual move in the industry away from the four-cylinder engines to the six-cylinders which produced more horsepower and more speed. Studebaker stopped building its four-cylinder in 1920.

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