1922 Studebaker Special Six Roadster

Front Left Yellow 1922 Studebaker Special Six Roadster Car Picture

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By 1922, Studebaker had left the wagon manufacturing business and devoted all its attention to the building and marketing of automobiles. Sales were coming in at a good clip and the auto industry in general was expanding. The President of the firm at this time was Albert Erskine and he had a personal philosphy of making sure the company shareholders were happy by presenting them with superior dividends on their investments. Hindsight reveals that had he paid less out on dividends and put more of the company profits into upgrading the Studebaker manufacturing plants and technology, the company would have received great future benefits.

The 1922 Studebaker Special Six had switched to a more modern design for cars of its day. It had a one-piece larger windshield and a newer design for its headlights. It also included a courtesy light on the left as extra illumination at night.

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