1925 Studebaker Special Six Duplex Phaeton

Left Side Burgandy 1925 Studebaker Duplex Phaeton Car Picture

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The 1925 Studebaker Special Six Duplex Phaeton represented a new line of styling for Studebaker cars. The car had vertical louvers on the hood sides and used what was called "drum-type" lights. The front windshield was one-piece and nearly vertical and the fenders developed into flares at the rear ends. It came with balloon tires, shock absorbers, and if the car was closed in, heaters were added.

It also was improved by the upgrade of its six-cylinder engine. Featured was a new system of providing lubrication at full pressure for the camshaft bearings, the crankshaft bearings, and the main engine bearings. The new engine design brought the power rating from 50 to 65 horsepower. The car was made with a much stronger rear end and had an increase in its wheelbase to 120".

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