1925 Studebaker Special Six Duplex Phaeton

Front Right Blue 1925 Studebaker Duplex Phaeton Car Picture

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This car came with a unique radiator shell with nickel plating designed by Studebaker. It also used heavy beaded front fenders and had a rigid steel reinforced top. The 1925 Special Six came in three major models: the ER (113" wheelbase), the EQ (120-127" wheelbase), and the EP (120" wheelbase). Prices varied from approximately $1235 to $2045 depending on the body type and seating. You could get upholstery in fine Spanish leather or an Angora mohair type of wool.

There was a special Studebaker Big Six model known as "The Sheriff" which was designed for use by the police.

In 1926, Studebaker made plans to move most of its manufacturing from Detroit to South Bend which took considerable money from the profits.

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