1927 Studebaker Commander Roadster

Front Right Blue 1927 Studebaker Roadster Car Picture

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Studebaker introduced its two-passenger rumble seat with the 1927 Commander Roadster. It also had the new double bar bumper and optional two-tone paint schemes. Designed to be built with a 120" wheelbase, this Roadster had several optional features including a rear bumper, wire wheels, spotlight, white wall tires, and shock absorbers.

Studebaker decided to use disk wheels on the 1927 car models with hydraulic brakes but left the wire wheels as an option. Cars up to this point tended to be designed for rugged use on rugged roads so they tended to still be on the heavy side weighing in the neighborhood of 3500 pounds.

Two Sport Roadsters took part in a 1927 marathon race to establish records for stock cars. They covered 25,000 miles in 16 days and helped set speed and endurance records for stock cars taken right off the assembly lines at Studebaker. The Roadster cars were known by many as being the sportiest looking cars on the market at the time.

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