1928 Studebaker Dictator GE

Front Right Green 1928 Studebaker Dictator GE Car Picture

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The Dictator four-door sedan ranged in price at the time from $1195 to $1395 depending on the body type and seating. The GE series had a 113" wheelbase with 30" tires. The car was powered by a 242 cubic inch six-cylinder engine producing 50 horsepower and it helped Studebaker establish some new distance and speed records in the next two years when it hit the market in 1929 with a new 50 horsepower eight-cylinder engine.

It is estimated that Studebaker produced over 100,000 vehicles for the 1928 model year including the Dictator's 48,000 with an increase of 16.7% in sales over the previous year. The name "Dictator" presented problems, especially for their export sales. The car was often referred to as the "Standard Six" in foreign markets and by 1937, when Hitler and Mussolini were making their marks in politics, the name was permanently dropped.

It might be noted that, in 1928, Studebaker purchased the Pierce-Arrow auto building company spending $2 million in stock.

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