1929 Studebaker President FH Cabriolet

Left Side White 1929 Studebaker President Car Picture

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The 1929 Studebaker President Cabriolet was fitted with safety glass windows, slightly wider doors, and nickel-plated windshield and window frames. The FH model had a 125" wheelbase with wire wheels and standard equipment included a speedometer, a gasoline gauge, engine thermometer, clock, tail lights and stop lights.

It used twin type hydraulic shock absorbers and a straight-eight 115 HP engine with better compression than that in previous years. Studebaker redesigned the rear axle so that it ran more quietly and was more durable. The engine had what was called duplex carburetion with an automatic choke device and it came with improved manifold intakes. Braking improved as bigger brake drums were used on all the Presidents. In addition, the method of connecting the parking brake to all four wheels was simplified.

The FH Sport Roadster could be purchased for $1765 but it paid to shop around. Studebaker Roadster models were driven by such famous names as Al Jolson and General Eisenhower.

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