1930 Studebaker President

Front Left Green 1930 Studebaker President Car Picture

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The Studebaker company continued to pay out good dividends to the stock holders when, if fact, sales from the 1929 year dropped. The company advised people to purchase the car now as there would be no changes. The stock market dropped through the floor and the company knew 1930 would be a difficult year. Every auto dealer was having sales problems. Studebaker sales went down over 30% and even their new Pierce-Arrow sales were down 19%.

The 1930 Studebaker President was basically a 1929 car with no changes. It could be purchased in two wheelbase sizes, 125" and 135". The President did use a new power conserving muffler and it had a radiator with automatic shutters. On the external side, they dropped the extended visor over the front windshield. The lines of the car made it a beautiful model so the President continued to be the major auto in the Studebaker crop of cars.

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