1931 Studebaker President Model 80

Front Right Red 1931 Studebaker President Car Picture

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The year 1931 was not a good year for Studebaker. Sales dropped off drastically in the 4th quarter. Studebaker announced a net yearly profit of $399,555 despite the fact that the 1931 Studebaker President models were considered the best ever designed and built by Studebaker.

The President Model 80 had several new features. It was available in a larger 130" wheelbase, had new parking lights on top each front fender, had a newly designed radiator shell, included a slightly slanted windshield to avoid reflections, went back to the windshield visor which was dropped on the 1930 model, and it came with larger oval-shaped headlights. The car also featured a larger one-bar bumper vee-shaped in the middle. All in all, with the painted color schemes, it made for an impressive looking vehicle.

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