1931 Studebaker President Roadster

Front Left Maroon 1931 Studebaker President Roadster Car Picture

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Studebaker designed the transmission for the 1931 President so it was much more free-wheeling; that is, the car would coast better when the driver took his foot off the gas pedal going down grades or even on level roads. The trick to the free-wheeling characteristics of the President was made through an improved clutch roller assembly. Studebaker put a push button on top of the gear shift to take the car out of the free-wheeling mode and the company proclaimed that with better free-wheeling, it meant savings of gasoline and oil. It also meant less wear and tear on the drive train.

The Studebaker President Model 80 was used on November 3, 1931 in Muroc, California, to set several stock car speed records including the one-mile record of 91.79 miles per hour and the 100-mile record of an average speed of 90.35 miles per hour.

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