1935 Studebaker Dictator

Rear Right Maroon and White 1935 Studebaker Dictator Car Picture

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The car had longer bullet-shaped headlights than used previously as well as long horizontal louvers on the side panels of the hood. Depending on the model, standard equipment often included the freewheeling transmission, dual sun visors, windshield wipers, and dual tail lights with car prices ranging from $695 to $895. Studebaker also introduced the front opening "suicide" doors on their 1935 models.

The new Studebaker Corporation started business in 1935 using models for the most part that had been available in 1934. In 1935, they sold 45,068 cars and trucks while hoping to do better. The company lost $2.58 million dollars that year but was tooling up for the introduction of its new 1936 car line.

The 1935 Studebaker Dictator came in two models, the 1A and the 2A which differed only in the type of front suspension used on the vehicle. The two models had different axel designs with the 1A having a solid front axle and the 2A had the new independent "Planer Wheel Suspension". Any roadster models had roll-up windows which made them true convertibles.

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