1935 Studebaker Dictator

Front Left Maroon and White 1935 Studebaker Dictator Car Picture

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Studebaker improved the headlights by not only having a dimming switch but also had a toggle switch so the beams could reflect from one degree above normal to several degrees below. The Dictator came with Studebaker's downdraft carburetion and the freewheeling transmission was an optional add-on.

The 1935 Studebaker Dictator could be purchased in several models including the roadster, coupe, or sedan and there were variations to the levels of these models.

From November, 1934, to September, 1935, Studebaker produced 23,550 of the model 2A Dictators which helped but could not meet the overall expenses in running a new car company. Studebaker, once in the top four of US automakers, was ranked 11th in the 1935 building year.

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