1935 Studebaker Dictator Phaeton

Rear Left Maroon 1935 Studebaker Dictator Phaeton Car Picture

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This Dictator car was built on a 114" wheelbase and had four-wheel hydraulic brakes. The engine, an L-head six cylinder, provded only 88 horsepower which was ample at the time. Studebaker provided it with a Planar front wheel suspension which had 14 leaves in a transverse direction to the axle. This feature added an extra $25 to the cost of the Dictator but came as standard equipment with the Studebaker Commander and the Studebaker President models.

Being classed with a "Phaeton" body meant that the car had no roll-up windows so it was not a true convertible. At this time, Studebaker had roll-up windows on all their "Roadster" models but the Phaeton bodies were used in Australia. Studebaker would ship the car chasis to Australia and the body would be added there with some saving on shipping expenses. The Phaeton body, however, was lighter and provided better mileage. Studebaker was also adding in some "frills" like ash trays, clock, single instument panel, and hand grips.

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