1939 Studebaker Coupe Express Pickup

Front Left 1939 Studebaker Express Pickup Truck Picture

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The 1939 Studebaker Coupe Express truck was the final in the series of Express models as Studebaker did not have the success it expected in creating and offering the vehicle on the market. There was no doubt it was well designed and had refinements that made it superior to most half ton trucks of that time. The cab and front part of the truck was based on the 1939 Studebaker Commander car.

There were some changes in design that made the truck look different from the '38 model. The front grill was divided into two shorter sections and the chrome molding ran from the top of the hood down to the bottom of the fenders. The hood ornament itself served as the handle to open the hood. Studebaker had a problem in dealing with the spare wheel that was located on the right fender. Because on the 1938 model, Studebaker had shortened the distance from the front to the back of the cab and this meant there wasn't as much space to insert or place the wheel in the fender. Thus you will see on the '38 and '39 Express models that the wheel is up above the hood and could be a visual problem for the driver at times. The truck was available for less cost without the wheel but with a regular fender as shown in the picture above.

Over a three year period, the Coupe Express did not have the sales that Studebaker had hoped for and the model was discontinued after 1939.

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