1940 Studebaker Commander

Front Right 1940 Studebaker Commander Car Picture

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In 1940, Studebaker had basically three car models: the Champion, the Commander and the President. The Commander represented the middle of the price range for a Studebaker car. The 1940 Studebaker Commander was not greatly changed from 1939 model. It sported all the main equipment that came on the 1940 Custom Champion such as two windshield wipers, stainless steel lower body, custom arm rests, ash trays, and carpeted lower door panels but it also was provided with bumper guards, twin sun visors, sealed beam headlights and two horns. Studebaker made a change in the transmission by turning it upright from it "laying down" position in the previous Commander.

In addition, the car was made to look more streamlined with horizontal chrome bars running down the side. It also had a larger windshield and larger fenders. The design for the grill included several horizontal bars on both sides of the center piece giving the car a wider look from the front. The hood latch was released from inside the car and the gas cap was concealed. The interior and exterior color treatments depended on the model and could be two-tone or solid.

Studebaker enjoyed another year of profit in 1940 but it did not increase as much as expected. They sold around 5000 more vehicles in 1940 than 1939. Going into the 1941 year, Studebaker was increasingly concerned about war and had their plants revamped for turning out military production.

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