1945 Studebaker US6

Front Right 1945 Studebaker US6 Truck Picture

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There could be no discussion of World War II without acknowledging the effort made by Studebaker for the allied nations. It is estimated that the company supplied over 200,000 trucks during the war. It also supplied thousands of aircraft engines and other smaller vehicles, such as the Studebaker Weasel, which were used for transporting troops. Studebaker trucks were used extensively by Russia for its field transportation system.

During the war, Studebaker brought in millions of dollars in profits. The company was able to build up a cash reserve and declared a dividend during 1943, the first dividend Studebaker had been able to declare since 1932. At the end of 1945, Studebaker had a working capital of $33 million.

The Studebaker US6 was a troop and cargo supply truck using a five speed transmission with a six-cylinder Hercules engine with 94 horsepower. The roll up windows in the truck were special in that they also had vent opening side windows. Another feature was that the running boards were interchangeable right to left.

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