1946 Studebaker Coupe Express Pickup

Left Side 1946 Studebaker Pickup Truck Picture

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Studebaker continued building the Coupe Express in 1946 along with 1 ton and 1.5 ton trucks. The Express was available with a four speed transmission and optional overdrive. It included an extra large windshield, dual windshield wipers, and two sun visors. The windows were made from safety glass and the doors had the Studebaker rotary latches noted for closing without needing to be slammed. The windshield and the seat were noticeably wide for this model.

The grill came with vertical bars that were color-matched to color of the truck. Right and left seal beamed headlights were set in the front fender panels above the grill. Bumper guards were available as an option along with a caravan top that covered the truck bed.

Two-stage rear springs were standard as well as self-equalizing hydraulic brakes and shock absorbers all around.

Including the Studebaker Coupe Express, Studebaker produced 67,000 trucks in 1946 and likewise in each of the next two years.

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