1947 Studebaker M16 Heavy Duty Truck

Front Right 1947 Studebaker Pickup Truck Picture

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In the years 1945-1947 the automotive industry was in a situation where workers in the labor market wanted increased remuneration and better employee benefits. Studebaker was hurt by labor negotiations. Other companies seemed to be getting their cars online before Studebaker. The company felt the public had forgotten it was the company whose A6 had been a major workhorse for the US and its allies in the recent war. Gearing up new equipment and processes for the return of car production was not easy on the budget. The company aimed to bring new vehicles online for the 1947 season.

The "M" series of trucks built by Studebaker was a successful venture and the truck sold well with a limited number of different models. The smaller M5 Coupe Express fenders could be painted a variety of colors but on the M16, the only option for the fenders was black. The heavy duty truck could be purchased with painted bumpers.

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