1948 Studebaker Coupe Express Pickup

Left Side Burgandy 1948 Studebaker Pickup Truck Picture

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The 1948 Studebaker Coupe Express was very similar to the model of the previous year. In 1947, Studebaker built the truck with components from its line of cars and saved money in the re-tooling processes. The base vehicle was rather austere but, if you wanted to pay for extra options, you could have such things included as chrome parts for the hood, grille, and mirrors. They also offered to replace the black fenders for body colored fenders as an option. The Coupe Express could also be purchased with chrome bumpers and white wall tires.

The 1948 models would be the last in the Coupe Express series of trucks. It would be replaced in the next year by the impressive R2 line.

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