1948 Studebaker Champion

Left Side Blue 1948 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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While 1947 and 1948 were record years for sales of Studebaker trucks and cars, the profits per unit were not as high as most of its competitors. The reason for this reflects back on the union wages and benefits the company was paying. The company felt the increase in sales would result in greater profits, and it did but not in the same proportion that other companies were getting for their sales. The company was also competing for its share of the iron and steel that was needed to produce future cars. The hope was things would change in 1949 for the better and they could build additional vehicles.

The Studebaker Champion coupe had an optional wrap-around window which prompted people to ask which way the car was moving as it looked as if it could drive both ways. Many people were impressed by Studebaker's idea to make the fenders inline with the body and thereby making the car appear much more streamlined than its competitors.

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