1948 Studebaker Land Cruiser

Rear Left Aqua 1948 Studebaker Land Cruiser Car Picture

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Studebaker came out with a revised body on the 1947 Land Cruiser and stayed with the design in 1948. It proved to be a very successful car for the company. The car used a 124 inch wheelbase, the longest in the Studebaker automobile lineup. The style of the Studebaker cars was setting a trend for the modern automobile at that time. The Land Cruiser was the first car to incorporate nylon upholstery in it decor.

The car features such as a one-piece curved front windshield, two-piece wraparound rear window, side vents in the front fenders, overdrive transmission, and the going-which-way styling all enhanced this Studebaker model. It also carried a rocket-type hood ornament which quickly captured people's attention.

In 1948, Studebaker netted over $19 million in profits which was twice that produced in 1947. This came from a 43 per cent increase in vehicle sales over the previous year. The management at Studebaker was hoping to be able to obtain more steel in the next year so they could build even more cars. They assumed there would be no problem in selling the cars and trucks as long as they could make them.

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