1948 Studebaker Commander

Front Left Side Blue 1948 Studebaker Commander Car Picture

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The 1947-1949 Studebaker Commander cars were trend setters for the whole automotive industry. The front fender design where the fenders became part of the elongated body coupled with the low hoods allowed car designers to think in new terms.

The 1948 year saw Studebaker produce just over 22,000 Commander cars in two basic models. They were powered by the 94 horsepower 226.2 cubic inch six-cylinder engine on a 119 inch wheelbase. Depending on the model and chosen options, the prices ranged from $1755 to $2468 which were a little higher compared to some of the competitive autos.

Studebaker also opened a new auto building location in Canada in 1948. It was built in Hamilton, Ontario to be near a steel producing plant. The Studebaker Corporation of Canada, Limited was in control of the sales, accessories, parts, and service operations for the Canadian Studebaker market.

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