1949 Studebaker Champion

Left Side Green 1949 Studebaker Champion Car Picture

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The 1949 Studebaker Champion would be the last year for this Virgil Exner designed car. Exner was a designer for Robert Loewy Associates who had conspired behind Loewy's back to design a car for Studebaker in the hope Studebaker would give him credit for the design and not his employer, Robert Loewy. On finding out this information, Loewy took steps to make sure he, not Exner, was given credit and then fired Exner and replaced him with another Loewy designer, Bob Bourke, who had aided Exner in the 1947 Champion design. Bourke would be responsible for the next major car update.

The 1949 car was designed with a 169.6 cubic inch engine yielding first 80 and, later, 85 horsepower. A number of new items were featured on these Champion models including self-adjusting brakes, box section frames, "black light" illumination on the instrument-panel, and a new grill design. The 1947-1949 Studebaker Champions were a revolutionary design and was very successful in car sales helping Studebaker reap some bigger profits than experienced in the past.

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